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5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets (Reviews) in 2022

We cannot decide which is the best product for your needs but, to give you a helping hand, we have written some Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews; the products listed are some of the best available at the moment. These reviews take customer feedback as well as product specifications into account, offering you a detailed view of our recommendations.


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1. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Ready Modular Motorcycle Helmet

While we were documenting ourselves for this article, this is the item that came up most often as offering superior quality and great value for the money. The modular helmet is made from the most advanced materials currently available, it is Bluetooth ready and guarantees the bearer´s safety at all times. Last but not least, it has a great price that few other devices can offer.

With a polycarbonate shell that has been molded using advanced injection technologies, the helmet is guaranteed to endure harsh impacts without breaking or exposing the user to harm. Apart from this, it uses polycarbonate for reduced weight and increased comfort; to further enhance the experience, it is padded with soft materials that fit the biker’s head as tight as possible, making the item stable especially at high speeds.

HJC Helmets also took the fogging effect into consideration, so the helmet integrates a wind-channeling ventilation system that reduces humidity and fog.  

The shield replacement system is based on a quick release mechanism that requires no further tools to operate; the interior is washable and removable. The visor provides up to 95% UV protection, making the helmet suitable for long distance trips in powerful sunlight. It is also delivered in a great variety of colors and sizes, and it is Bluetooth ready, with interior speakers and integrated receiver.


This helmet is quite durable as it was made of high-quality materials such as polycarbonate. Besides, it is Bluetooth ready.

One of the features that makes it so well liked by users is its lightweight design. Because of it, it is quite comfortable when compared to other similar units.

The manufacturer states that this helmet was designed to endure harsh impacts and that it can efficiently protect its wearers from common head injuries.

Furthermore, this versatile helmet design also features ventilation holes so that you do not have to deal with fogging while riding in the scorching sun.


Some of its previous owners pointed out that selecting the right size can be a tad tricky, especially for those who have never done so before.

Although many consider it affordable given its features, there are still customers who argue that it is a little pricey for their liking.

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2. Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors

Another very good motorcycle Bluetooth headset is integrated into the FreedConn Helmet, keeping the rider connected with the cell phone, music player or GPS system if the latter is also Bluetooth-ready. Users can also benefit from the powerful communication system installed since it allows them to keep in touch with two other persons, as far as 500 meters away.

The lightweight shell is made out of ABS plastic, a material known for durability and resistance. DOT and ECE certifications are issued, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of this unibody design. Without sacrificing comfort, the item can prove to be a lifesaver.

To increase the pleasure of use, the high-density EPS cushion layer is sound-absorbing, insulated and provides a tight fit. In terms of comfort, the helmet has a natural ventilation system that prevents fogging effects.

Apart from being fitted with a Bluetooth system that enables the rider to listen to music, chat on the phone or talk with other bikers as far as 1640 feet away, the FreedConn helmet is compliant with Bluetooth 3.0 and has an FM radio. High voice quality is available even at high speeds, thanks to the sound absorbing interior and DSP echo cancellation.


If you like having your helmet connected to your phone at all times, this is another option that you should check out.

The device is lightweight as it was manufactured from ABS plastic, a material that is also highly appraised for its ability to resist shocks.

Additionally, this model has a specially designed interior that can absorb sounds so that you won’t have to deal with the echo effect.

This model is ECE and DOT approved, which is the main reason why many of its buyers recommend it to novices.


There was a reviewer who was dissatisfied with the low level of comfort that this model delivers. Still, most of its users are happy with it.

As it happens with most units, selecting the right size can be a tad problematic. In this regard, some of its previous buyers say that the model runs a little small. 

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3. HJC CL-Max2 Ridge Modular/Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Another very good product is yet again offered by HJC Helmets. This lightweight design focuses on safety, great comfort, and easy maintenance. It has a great value for the money and is available in four sizes and only one color pattern.

The shell is made from advanced polycarbonate, and this is the secret behind the extremely low weight. In order to fit the customer´s head as good as possible, the interior features a comfortable padding that offers tight fit but allows the skin to breathe, and the natural wind channeling system is not only good for preventing overheating and claustrophobia but also for eliminating fog from the visor.

HJC Helmets does not supply a Bluetooth unit suitable for the helmet; this must be bought separately in order to enable communications.

However, the product is Bluetooth-ready, meaning that the installation is easy and requires no modifications done to the item. Other features include a quick visor release mechanism, 95% UV protection and a shield replacement system.


This product was made of a polycarbonate shell that is lightweight and, thus, wearing this model throughout the day will not be uncomfortable at all. 

Because the item has an interior that is well padded, chances are that you will be provided with all the comfort that you need.

The venting channels that the device includes makes this helmet fog-free and not likely to overheat in the hot days of summer.

Also, the visor that it incorporates can protect you from up to 95% of the UV light so that you can ride without losing your focus.


It has been remarked that the Bluetooth port that this product uses works well with only some specific kind of systems. So, you have to make sure that it is suitable for you.

There were some users who said that the item is kind of expensive especially considering the features that it comes with.

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4. Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face

Another great item manufactured by FreedConn, the helmet guarantees safety and offers interesting and interactive communication functions at the lowest price possible. Appreciated by customers for the high sound quality and impact resistance, the product is definitely worth taking into consideration.

Unlike other Bluetooth helmets that do not include the unit, this one has a built-in Bluetooth intercom system that is updated and can work with Bluetooth 3.0, the more recent version of the popular means of communication.

This means that it is totally ready to use and requires no further investments after purchase. It allows you to contact simultaneously two other riders as long as they are within a 500 meters range, and you can use your phone to listen to music or talk, like in a hands-free system.

Security is guaranteed by the ABS shell, that has been certified both by DOT and ECE standards. Comfort is assured by the internal padding that is sound-absorbing, insulated but it also allows the ventilation system to properly work and remove humidity and excess heat. An FM radio function is also included.


This alternative stands out as it comes fitted with plenty of communication features, including radio and Bluetooth 3.0.

It also can deliver high-quality sound and you can connect it to your music player, as well as to your GPS system with little to no effort.

The choice is lightweight because it was designed using an ABS shell. It incorporates ventilation holes so that you are comfortable at all times.

Additional cheek pads and an interior liner are also provided. The liner is highly absorbent and it can be removed whenever you need to clean it.


One buyer noted that the wind noise is pretty loud with this helmet. However, not many users experienced this issue at the time we did the research.

There was a reviewer who said that he was delivered a model in a size too big. Still, this seems to be an isolated case.

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5. Sena SPH10H-FM-01 Bluetooth Stereo Headset/ Intercom

The Sena headset for half helmets stands out in the list of products that are being reviewed here since it is the only one designed for a half helmet, a device that does not cover the face and the entire head, protecting only the brain against impact.

The headset is attached to the helmet and enables you to communicate via Bluetooth like you would with any other product.

Bluetooth headset reviews point towards the Sena Headset as being the best product in the category, giving it credit for efficient soundproofing and high reliability even when on a helmet that does not cover the ears. With a Lithium-ion battery that ensures a talk time of 7 hours and a standby time of 6 days, you can listen to your music or talk with other riders at up to 1000 yards away without worrying that the power will run out.

Sena designed this headset to be as easy to use as possible. It features a voice prompt that allows a rider to operate any basic function without taking the hands off the handlebars. Individual volume profiles are offered, as well as an easy installation kit for most half helmets.


If you love helmets that have a ½ design, this option is all you need. The model will not cover all your face and, thus, it will be considerably more comfortable.

Just like the other Bluetooth units out there, this choice can help you communicate with other riders while enjoying the road.

The sound quality that this item provides certainly top notch and the lithium battery that powers the unit is long lasting.

Because it was designed to be easy to use, this model is suitable for novices, as well as for experienced bikers. 


One issue that stands out is the limited amount of protection that this product can supply one with, especially when compared to other full-face items.

It has been remarked that when on, the intercom mode of the helmet picks up wind noise and, therefore, this particular aspect can be rather problematic.

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6. Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA YM-926

Cheap does not always mean less qualitative, and the YEMA modular helmet proves this again. It is the most affordable item out of the ones reviewed, but it does not sacrifice safety or comfort. With a futuristic design, it also looks cool and attracts users with this feature.

In terms of safety, the helmet is no compromise; it meets the DOT FMVSS 218 standard, due to the ABS shell and reinforced chin strap. Comfort comes from multi-density EPS liner and cheek pads that also ensure a tight fit and prevent excessive sweating.

A special ventilation system maintains a constant flow of air inside and prevents fogging, enabling the rider to wear it for longer periods of time. The UV and scratch resistant visor is dual, and the outer one is easily removable.  

Bluetooth is not installed on the product, so the unit must be purchased separately. However, installing it will be easy as this helmet is ready to accommodate one without demanding further modifications. The sound-proofing function of the inner padding will improve the sound quality delivered by the desired headset.


Those who have a soft spot for helmets that have an interesting design should definitely add this unit to their shortlist.

The model comes fitted with a special ventilation system that can supply wearers with a constant airflow so that fogging does not occur.

Moreover, the visor that the helmet incorporates is durable and resistant to scratches and it can enable the biker to ride for a long time before feeling his/her eyes getting tired because of the sun.

The model caters to the needs of the buyer as it incorporates a multi-density EPS liner as well as comfy cheek pads. 


The main drawback that you should be aware of when it comes to this option is that there is no Bluetooth system pre-installed on it. So, you have to purchase it separately.

One reviewer said that this product should not be used in the rain as water is prone to get inside it. This is an isolated incident as no other users spoke about this problem. 

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7. Shoei Neotec Anthracite Modular Helmet with Hawk X2 Black Bluetooth

By far the most high-end product featured on our list, the Shoei Anthracite helmet is an extraordinary item that incorporates the best that modern material technology has to offer. The product, certified by safety organizations that impose the roughest standards, offers high-quality sound and lightweight durability.

The helmet is made out of a very hard and resistant type of polycarbonate material. This offers impact test results that exceeded expectations, meaning that safety is guaranteed at all times. The Multitec modular design is the one that inspired this product, but it was updated so that it would produce one of the most advanced flip-up helmets available today.

Shell aerodynamics are also improved, as is the field of vision. Anthracite coal inspired the color of this advanced helmet.

In terms of communication, the Shoei NEOTEC helmet is fitted with a black Bluetooth headset that enables communication with other users, as well as listening to music from a portable device or GPS usage at long roads. A 30-day warranty is also issued, but, due to the higher price, a valid reason for returning the helmet has to be provided.


This option meets the safety standards that are currently in place and, according to buyers and the manufacturer, it can deliver the required level of protection.

It was made using Advanced Integrated Matrix materials and, as a result, it is durable and quite comfortable.

The helmet has an aerodynamic shell construction and it comes fitted with a flip-up chin bar as well as with a face shield that you are likely to appreciate.

On top of that, the unit has a 3D interior liner system and a ventilation system that can keep you cool and comfy throughout long rides.


One previous buyer actually noted that he did not particularly enjoy the double-ring closure that this device incorporates. Still, not many agree with this statement.

It has been said that the helmet might be a little expensive especially given the limited number of features that it comes packed with.

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FreedConn FDC hard cable

This headset is a cheap yet durable and useful item designed to complete a rider’s helmet and to act as a backup for the Bluetooth communication system. Included in this set are headphone speakers and a special microphone with noise echo cancellation functions. The headset features a hard cable designed to resist as long as possible.

Designed for full face helmets, it is a backup solution for the Bluetooth intercom or for those who own several helmets but are unwilling to move the headphone from one to another, the FreedConn FDC headset is a comfortable and affordable answer to these needs. It is compatible with TCOM, FDCVB and COLO models, so versatility is not a problem with this product.

Hi-Fi music and audio functions are integrated into this product, as well as a mini USB port. Thin and comfortable speakers guarantee comfort at long times of use, thanks to their reduced size. The final package includes the headset and two pieces of Velcro.


If you want an affordable and sturdy headset that you can safely use while riding, be sure to have this one in mind before making a purchase.

The device is quite practical and it can also be utilized as a backup for the Bluetooth communication system that you already use.

Additionally, the choice includes headphone speakers, a microphone that eliminates echoes as well as a durable design that is long lasting. 

The model was specially constructed to be utilized with full-face helmets and, thus, you can easily use it with the other pieces of gear that you already own.


It has been noted that, with some devices, there is a chance that one side of the headphones might not work appropriately. Only a small number of customers had this issue so far.

Before you place any orders, keep in mind that this set is only compatible with a limited number of intercom systems manufactured by the same seller.

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GoPro Hero5

Any outdoor adventurer has heard about GoPro and its high-quality cameras that are so fashionable and useful these days. The company manufactures a high-end motorcycle helmet camera that can be used for shooting incredible 4k videos and 12 megapixels photos. Even though it is a bit pricier, the camera is appreciated for its reliability and resistance.

When using a helmet camera, a rider will expect it to be extremely resistant when exposed to the elements and wind speed. The GoPro Hero5 is waterproof at up to 10 meters beneath the waves, and the hard outer case protects the sensitive electronics against damage.

The stabilized, high definition videos it shoots can be uploaded to the GoPro cloud account and later edited with the apps available. A simple 1-button control, together with voice prompt and touchscreen display make it easy to use even while riding.

The photos, up to 12 megapixels in terms of quality, can be shot in single, burst or time-lapse modes. Many other great features, such as Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and wind noise reduction are incorporated in the GoPro Hero5.


If you simply love the idea of strapping a high-quality camera to your bike and recording your thrilling rides, this waterproof choice is all you need.

This alternative can record high-quality 4k videos and it can take 12 MP pictures in various modes such as single, lapse or burst.

It has a very sturdy design and it enables you to control it hands-free by just using your voice. Also, it includes video stabilization.

Because it can be set to send the pictures and the videos that you are recording directly to your phone, this device is easy to use, even by novices.


It has been remarked that the unit might not be entirely waterproof as the seller advertises it to be. Yet, most of its current users are happy with its overall performance, including in the water.

A small number of buyers said that they were delivered defective products. However, in these cases, the seller provides customers with replacements.

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Kupton Accessories

After purchasing a GoPro camera, some supplementary accessories will surely come in handy. The Kupton set includes many items that might be very useful for someone who intends to install a helmet camera. This set is suitable only for GoPro Hero5 and Hero6 cameras.

Included in the set are harnesses, mounts, cases, pads and many other things that might be useful or not, but at such a low price, it does not matter that much. A waterproof housing case offers further protection when dropped in a lake or submerged. The many mounts allow you to place the camera on your head, helmet, handlebars or frame without having any modifications done.

A suction cup and buckle system will allow the user to attach the GoPro securely to cars, dashboards, roofs, motorcycles, and helmets. Basically, with this kit, the small device can be installed almost anywhere. All pieces are made of high-quality plastics, and only good adhesives were used for the pads and some mounts.


If you are in need of accessories for your camera, and you do not want to spend time acquiring them independently, this product might be the solution that you so desperately need.

The option comes provided with accessories such as harnesses, cases, mounts, pads as well as other pieces of gear that you might need.

You can use the included buckle system and the suction cup to attach your camera to your ride or to any other vehicle that you are using.

If you happen to like chest harnesses, you will be happy to find out that this set also includes a durable one that you can also utilize.


One previous customer argued that the dive housing that is featured in the deal is not of high-quality as its latches open quite easily.

Some buyers noted that the entire set is a tad expensive. As expected, not all of its buyers actually agree with this statement.

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VOCC In-Ear Headphones

The riders looking for inexpensive and comfortable In-Ear headphones compatible with Bluetooth should take this product into consideration since it offers superior value for the money and reliability. With a neckband for easy wear, long-lasting battery, and good sound quality, the headset is meant for many other activities too besides riding.

Features incorporated into this design are vibrating call alert, easy button control, hands-free calling and switching between music and calls. The long-lasting battery, when fully charged, assures approximately 10 hours of continuous music listening or phone conversations.

The In-Ear stereo earbuds are noise-canceling by design and offer Hi-Fi sounds, and are guaranteed to stay in your ears while running, exercising and riding a motorbike. The Bluetooth signal is stable at long distances, and the voice prompt and other features enable the user to decline or accept calls without even touching the headset or phone.

A neckband holds the battery and makes them easy to wear, while still being so lightweight that some clients claim to have not noticed it while exercising or running.


These in-ear headphones should also make it to your list if you enjoy listening to music while riding away for extended amounts of time.

This option comes provided with a number of features that bikers find useful such as Bluetooth connectivity and a sturdy neckband that you can also utilize when on the go.

Plus, this choice has a long-lasting battery that can be recharged in no time as well as a noise-canceling feature so that you can focus all your attention to the road.

This product is extremely versatile as it can also be used when running or when doing other activities that include moving. The buds will not come out unexpectedly. 


The price of this product might be a little high if you were to believe some of its owners. Still, many of them recommend this product.

Those who do not like in-ear buds might find this alternative somewhat uncomfortable, especially if they decide to use it for hours on end.

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Sena Low-Profile

As written above, some helmets are only Bluetooth-ready and do not include the headset, which must be bought separately. This product is the one that drew our attention due to the affordable price and the many features included in a compact, sleek item.

Sena Bluetooth headset is designed for full-face helmets and consists of a microphone, receiver, and headphones. It works as an intercom that keeps the rider connected with another companion for music sharing and, of course, conversation. Bluetooth 3.0 technology enables the user to make hands-free calls and contact one person within a 400 meters radius, and the voice prompts to make the item easy and safe to use while riding.

A key feature is the noise control technology that reduces background noises for incoming and outgoing signals, offering a clear sound. The battery lifespan is approximately 8 hours if fully charged, long enough to meet up anyone’s expectations in terms of versatility and portability. As a bonus, registered users gain access to upgrades after enlisting on the official website.


This headset is Bluetooth ready and it was constructed to be utilized with full-face helmets, which is a plus according to most buyers.

It also works as an intercom system and it can keep you connected to the fellow riders that you are traveling alongside.

One of the biggest advantages of this unit that you should know about is the noise cancelation technology that it also incorporates and that makes it quite practical when on the road.

This device has a battery lifespan of around eight hours. This is a significant feature that many counterparts do not include.


Some users said that they do not recommend this model for listening to music at highway cruising speeds. Not all riders agree with this opinion.

Although most buyers received devices that worked flawlessly, there were, as the reviews show, some isolated cases in which customers were shipped models that did not work.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


The advance in technology has flooded the online market with many different Bluetooth helmets, all different and performing special functions that vary quite a lot. To help you decide what to look after, we have written a buying guide that focuses on certain details that have to be taken into consideration when ordering a helmet. Read the paragraphs below to understand what are some important features and functions of Bluetooth helmets.

Setting off

Before prospecting the market, there are some details that have to be taken into consideration. First and foremost, think about what you like the most – the solitude behind crisscrossing the country or the fun and jokes said by other riders that are beside you during the trip. If you are a lone wolf, you do not need such a product, but if you feel that communication is something you cannot go without, go and buy the Bluetooth helmet of your dreams.

Another thing that will influence your decision regards the two main categories of helmets available. There are products that feature integrated Bluetooth devices (these are ready to use – simply connect them to your phone, and you’re good to go) and those that are ready to accommodate the technology.

These allow you to install whatever headset you want, but this one will be paid for separately. If you do not like having to mount anything after purchasing the helmet, go for the built-in versions.

Last but not least, the budget is an important factor. Since prices vary a lot, decide how much you are willing to pay for the product. There are great products available for $150, and there those that exceed the $600 mark.

Usually, the least expensive helmets have a less aesthetic and aerodynamic design or include a low-quality headset that will encounter some issues with sound clarity at high speeds. However, all items have to be certified, so they are safe regardless of the price.


Features and functions

Accessibility and ease of use are essential when driving your motorbike at high speeds; taking your hands off the handlebars is dangerous, so you could benefit from a hands-free function. This might include voice commands (in pricier models), which means you do not have to touch any button or switch.

Built-in speakers might not have a volume control, so the only way of adjusting it while listening to music is from the device playing back the tune. If you do not mind this, then you need not buy one with integrated controls. Answering the phone or changing the music can be done by pressing certain buttons and switches or via the voice command feature (if included).

When looking for a helmet, take a look at other functions included. Sometimes, a really useful thing implies a meager increase in the total cost, and it is not worth buying a helmet that does not perform some essential operations, thinking that you can buy the other accessories separately.

You will end up wasting money this way. Make sure that you can control the GPS with the Bluetooth helmet – it is important to keep your eyes on the road and not on the satellite guidance system. Modern satnav devices can be controlled by a voice prompt function and are connectable to other Bluetooth devices.

Other functions and features that you might appreciate are the inclusion of an FM radio and an intercom. The latter allows you to chat with one or more (depending on the brand and model) fellow riders, at ranges varying from 300 to 5-600 meters. It is useful when traveling in a small group, but in large-scale trips, it does not work well. In order to communicate with fellow riders, they need to have compatible devices installed.


Safety and comfort

The most important thing that any helmet does is protect your head in case of an accident or drop. Most Bluetooth helmets are made out of extremely durable polycarbonate or ABS, lightweight and resistant materials that can take enormous abuse before failing. All helmets have to pass extensive tests and inspections, to grant them a security certification. Under no circumstance should you acquire an uncertified product? The more expensive the helmet is, the lighter and more resistant it gets.

Comfort is very important for long rides. The interior usually features a sort of padding; most professionals recommend an anti-sweat, adjustable dual-density EPS pads. These ensure a tight fit, offering noise-absorbing results as well and allowing the skin to breathe, preventing overheating.

Ventilation systems also keep a constant flow of air on the rider’s face, eliminating heat, humidity and carbon dioxide. They also work as anti-foggers. Weight influences comfort too, so the lighter the helmet, the better it is.

Outer shell design

Aesthetics might not seem very important, but it is good to keep in mind that they indirectly influence performance. Take a look at the quality of paint when analyzing the outer shell of a helmet. The color and design have far more important functions than aesthetics; low-quality paint, for example, will not perform well against the abrasive effect of dust or small pebbles.

Metallic paint with lacquer is popular not only for the looks but also for the easy cleaning and abrasion resistance.

Aerodynamics is important too. It influences fuel consumption, comfort, and noise. Wind tends to form turbulent currents around certain volumes, so a steady flow of air is preferred, as it is less noisy and more stable at high speeds.  


Other details to take into consideration

There are some other features that a rider should look at before prospecting the market. Headsets are differently designed for full face or half face masks, and they offer differences in quality, depending on the model.

Make sure that the Bluetooth headset is compatible with all kinds of phones, GPS apps or devices, and music players. If it is not compatible, then you cannot connect to your smart devices.

The Bluetooth function might break down if it comes in contact with water. If you do not want to program your days according to the weather, you should always look for a helmet that is waterproofed. Basically, all electronics (speakers, microphone, and receiver) have to be kept away from water, including that produced by sweating or coughing. Therefore, they have to be waterproof.

If you live in a sunny area or have difficulty adapting your eyes to the bright sunshine, search for a UV resistant visor. A darkened outer visor can be mounted on most helmets so that you do not have to change them, but simply drop the sun protecting one.

Other personal preferences have to be taken into account before ordering a helmet, and, since this is not such a cheap item, take your time to think them through. If you know professional riders or use motorcycle forums, discuss these matters with them as they might offer further insight into the problem.


Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth motorcycle helmets


Q: What are Bluetooth motorcycle helmets?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are protective devices that, apart from guaranteeing the rider’s safety and health, incorporate or can be fitted with Bluetooth headsets, enabling the user to listen to music or communicate with other people. There are two kinds of products in this category: the ones that have the built-in Bluetooth equipment, and those that can accommodate Bluetooth devices specially designed for use within a motorcycle helmet. With the wireless technology, the rider can connect the headset to his phone, GPS or MP3 player and can communicate with riding companions that have similar devices. Some devices incorporate an additional FM radio.


Q: How to add Bluetooth to a motorcycle helmet?  

In case your helmet does not have a built-in Bluetooth headset and IS NOT Bluetooth-ready, you will have to buy and install one separately. First, you will have to pull of the ear cushions and unscrew the small screws that hold the speakers together. Once the earpiece has been disassembled, note where the wires inside go; remove the wire from the plastic neck strap either with a small knife or by unsoldering them. Drill a hole in the outer shell of your helmet, to pass the wires through it; there, you will install the controls. After this has been done, install the earpieces on the inside of the helmet, in a comfortable position for your ears. Remove the microphone from the main board and fix it where you want. After that, run the wires to the hole and solder them back onto their main board.

Q: What’s a fair price for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

There are many prices offered for just as many similar products; however, some justify their cost, while some do not. A fair price is usually in the $130 – $250 range, but, if you are willing to spend more or need supplementary functions included, you might find extraordinary products around the $350 mark. Usually, in the first price range, most devices have built-in Bluetooth systems; if you want to install your own headset, then you might find a good Bluetooth-ready helmet at about $100, but, besides this, you have to add the cost of the separately sold unit. The high-end devices are either more aerodynamic, better looking or offer superior sound quality and functionality.


Q: Do I need a helmet with Bluetooth?

If you enjoy being on your own for long, long hours and appreciate solitary roads with no words from those at home or work, these products are not necessary. However, if you do not like being alone much time, the Bluetooth helmet is a great choice for your needs. It offers protection and, as an extra, you can engage in telephone conversations, listen to music or chat with other riders that are traveling beside you. If you use the motorcycle to get around a big city where you are stuck in traffic jams or where colleagues are trying to reach you, a Bluetooth helmet is what you need to stay up to date with news at work or to relax while listening to your favorite tunes in traffic.


Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet brands


HJC Helmets is a company founded in 1971, with a long history of superior quality motorcycle helmets delivered to civil and government users. The manufacturer is known for the very good, durable and resistant products; their most appreciated helmet is the RPHA 10, followed by RPHA 11. 2022 saw the release of the RPHA 70, an ultra-lightweight product that stood out among competitors due to its excellent shell design and good value for the money. The company has headquarters in France, Korea, USA, Germany, and Vietnam, but it delivers worldwide the high-quality products it became known for. HJC is also involved in sponsoring annual racing events.


Based in Los Angeles, California, TORC is a company that sells helmets in the United States of America. They manufacture full face, open face, half and dirt helmets, combining style, safety, and value in their products. Amongst the most popular models is the T-50 vintage styled helmet, designed for those who enjoy old school motorcycles. Other bestselling models are the T-50 Lucky 13 (this one has retro colors and graphics, but the same specs as the T-50), T-14 (one of the best helmets in its class, with a dual density EPS system and liner padding) and the T-27, a modular helmet with sports styling.


FreedConn is a company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China. Since its inception in 2006, it has aimed to be a leading producer of sports Bluetooth Intercom devices. The technologies developed have been used in motorcycle helmets, driver headsets, and many other applications. The manufacturer has obtained the BSCI, ISO 9001:2008 certificate for their factory, but their products also meet BQB, IC, TELEC, CE, FCC and RoHS standards, and regulations. Some appreciated products include the BM2-E and BM2-S Bluetooth helmets, the T-Rex intercom and the T-COM02 Bluetooth headset. All products are designed by trained and dedicated engineers who want to deliver the best helmet at the most affordable price.


This German company produces safety helmets used in many places, including an army, Formula One racing, industrial buildings or motorcycling. With a history of 90 years behind, the producer has acquired experience throughout the many years that have passed since the first product came off the assembly line. Schuberth produces helmets known for their aerodynamic performance, as well as the ones supplied by BMW Motorrad under their own brand. Their designs include many high-quality features, such as special filters that remove fumes and dust from the air, high-quality communication technologies and ultra-lightweight materials that offer great resistance and durability. Some of their most appreciated products are the ROCC series and the Nolan series.


Founded in the 1960’s, this US-based manufacturer did pioneering work in many motorcycling protective equipment and accessories. It was the first brand to introduce Fidlock, a magnetic fastener. The company collaborates with many famous riders that appreciate the reliable and resistant products it offers. Their products are aimed at dirt bike racers but are suitable for civil use too. Some of their best-selling helmets are the 2SERIES and 3SERIES, but also the 5SERIES has been appreciated worldwide for its performances. Besides, O’Neal manufactures helmets for mountain bikers, and protective clothing for all motorsports such as gloves, socks, and tear-proof pants.





Bluetooth motorcycle helmets cons


Even though employing the best Bluetooth headset or helmet offers the rider many significant advantages, there are also some drawbacks that one should take into consideration before starting the search.

One of these negative aspects is that, especially at high speeds, the music function will have some particular issues. At those velocities, wind, no matter how aerodynamic the helmet is, cannot be silenced and the noise it creates might be intense, especially in cross-gales.

Therefore, especially in cheaper models, the music will not be clearly heard when exceeding a certain speed. Since this depends on how good your hearing is, it becomes pretty much impossible to certainly set a speed limit that, when exceeded, will influence the playback quality.


Some products do not have a volume control knob so it can only be adjusted by changing the settings on your Bluetooth music player. Others offer not very high volumes. However, as these helmets are mainly designed to enhance communication and offer talking functions, lower music quality is not such a big drawback.

Another disadvantage is that, sometimes, a lot of extra features are included without being necessary to the driver. This makes them more costly but without offering enhanced quality or security. Instead, a lot of other functions that are rarely or never going to be used are added. It is good to know what exactly you really need so that no other useless extras are going to be present on the product.

Like with many other objects, cheaper Bluetooth helmets tend to compromise on look or quality. Very cheap options are not usually good enough, lacking either an aerodynamic or aesthetic design, or HD quality sound playback. Even so, since certain standards have to be respected by all manufacturers, they still guarantee safety; comfort might, on the other hand, be reduced by using lower-grade insulating pads or an inefficient but inexpensive natural ventilation system.



Benefits of using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


Motorcycle riding is appreciated by many as a solitary activity while others feel that too much loneliness can be oppressing and not so enjoyable after all. For the latter, manufacturers around the world integrated the latest communication technology into their helmets, to help them deal with the solitude of riding down a long, open highway.

The most commonly incorporated communication system is Bluetooth, and it also the one that accounts for the most individual units sold, in case that the helmet is only fitted with a Bluetooth headphone adapter and does not include the system.

An important advantage of these products consists in the improved sound quality.


They work clearly and usually offer more in terms of fidelity than other technologies. It works wirelessly, so there are no wires blocking one’s line of sight or moving randomly in the wind.

One key function of the Bluetooth helmet is GPS operation. There are many Bluetooth-capable tablets or GPS devices that can be easily connected to the headset, offering directions and information about the state of the road, such as jams, police radars, and repair works.

Developers have created apps for Android and iPhone or iPad that fulfill the functions of a dedicated GPS device. These programs can be controlled via a voice prompt, so it is not necessary to stop on the side of the road to select a new destination or modify the announcements and other settings. Thanks to the advancements in Bluetooth communication, these days, bikers can receive loud, clear and real-time advice about their journey.

Advantages are not always strictly tied to the functional side of such a helmet. Apart from offering the much-needed security when riding, entertainment is another thing they give. With Bluetooth, one can listen to music while riding, like most players, either dedicated or integrated into the mobile phone, are connectable to the headset.

Clear, HD quality music can be enjoyed by the rider as he moves across the country, without interferences that appear in handlebar radios. FM radios are usually integrated into built-in Bluetooth helmets, keeping you up to date with the latest news but also with your favorite musical releases.

The reason many people are trying to buy the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth is that it enables communication. Without requiring any modifications, you can connect your telephone to them as you would with any other wireless device and use them as a hands-free.

Phone conversations can be carried on this way, and the quality is superior to that obtained when using other technologies. Most helmets with integrated Bluetooth systems include two or multi-line communication function, and, when paired with other headsets worn by the accompanying riders, it can be used to communicate by directly speaking into the microphone.

No phone calls have to be made, and it is not necessary to remove your hands from the handlebars. However, keep in mind that a matching set might be required for enabling this feature, and that item is sold separately.

Another advantage that derives from employing a Bluetooth helmet is the increased safety offered by the outer shell. Since wireless technologies are relatively modern and only recently have been integrated into many other objects surrounding us, this furtherly guarantees that the outer shell, the one that protects a rider´s head against impact, is made from the most modern and advanced materials. Safety is increased by these advanced designs that use lightweight but very resistant ABS or polymers.



Bluetooth usage and safety


In more recent times, concerns regarding the safety and potential hazards of wireless technologies have started to appear more and more often. Bluetooth was also considered as potentially hazardous, but all studies have concluded that the amount of radiation emitted by any Bluetooth device is equal to or less than what a normal cell phone emits.

In a Bluetooth helmet, the speakers and receiver are located on the outside, and there is no direct contact with the face. Radiation is further reduced, and fears regarding dangerous levels of radiation are unjustified.

The personal area network (PAN) is small in range when we talk about Bluetooth devices. It is unlikely that a third party will be listening to your conversation, or that you might interfere with police or ambulance radios.

Last but not least, Bluetooth devices may distract your attention from the road. In case that you are not experienced, they are not recommended; listening to other people talking or discussing important matters on the phone, even via a hands-free, exposes you to danger.

While riding, one must be permanently focused on the way ahead and not on other factors. Under no circumstance should the user try to modify or adjust the Bluetooth headset or helmet while at speed? In order to do this, it is recommended that you stop on the side of the road and take your time to make the necessary adjustments.




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